TheGigabit Data Center
International Tier-3 Compliant ISO accredited Data Center



Power Architecture

Mains Power: 2 x 33kV incomers from 2 sources

Generators: N+1 configuration

Fuel Storage: 30 hours support at full load

Fuel Delivery: 4 hours response

N+1 configuration with minimum 10 minutes back up


Building Management

24×7 security team, CCTV system, proximity card reader & barrier

Temperature & humidity monitoring

M&E operation & power monitoring

Humidity: 35% to 65% RH


Cooling System

Cooling: Air Cooled System

Resilience: N+1

Temperature: 18 C to 24 C


Security Management

Presence: 24 x 7 security team

Personnel: Proximity card readers

Vehicle: Barrier control

Delivery: Managed by security personnel

CCTV: Multiple CCTV cameras


Fire & Safety System

Fire Detection: High sensitivity smoke detectors (HSSD)

Fire Suppression: Water mist system in data centre and common area & gas system in mechanical and electrical area



Carrier Neutral facility with Local MMR Access

MDF: 4 rooms

MMR: 2 rooms