GIGACLOUD Cloud Servers
Pay Per Use Scalable Cloud Powered By Windows 2016, Hyper-V And Azure 2016 Technology To Achieve Full Redundancy, High Availability, Agility & Resiliency.
Instant Cloud Virtual Machine Deployment

Within 2 hours deployment from order paid confirmation

Full administrator access

Windows Operating System Supported.

Full remote desktop access for customer to take full control of your Cloud Virtual Machine

Tier 3+ Data Centers
  • Meets or exceeds all Tier 2 requirements
  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT euipment
  • All IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site's architecture
  • Concurrently maintainable site infrasructure with expected availability of 99.982%
  • N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72 hour power outage protection
PCI Compliance Data Center

Highest Tier of Data Center

Full root access

Linux Operating System Supported.

Full SSH access for customer to take full control of the Cloud Virtual Machine.

Enterprise Monitoring
  • Server ping (heart beat)
  • Every 5 minutes to check server up status
  • Proactive Monitoring for Cloud Infrastructure Uptime
GigaCloud Cloud Hosting

Complete Cloud Solution powered by Microsoft Server 2016 and Azure technology for your business with 99.95% Uptime Avaiability backed by SLA to simplify your Business operation.

TheGigabit assist you to bring your mission critical business to Cloud ensuring that you are always on business.

  • Infrastructure as a service, Platform as a service, Software as a services supported.
  • VM as a service, DR as a services, Backup as a service, Database as a service etc.
  • Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud & Private Cloud.
  • Professional Consultation Service by TheGigabit Certified Engineers.
  • In-House 24 x 7 x 365 Round The Clock Technical Support.
  • Fully Customizable Cloud package with Pay-Per-Use with Flexible Billing Model.
  • Built For Reliability with High Uptime with Stable Network.
  • High Availability with Auto-Failover feature.
  • Full Redundancy.
  • Instant Scalability.
  • Resources are always available with Highly Available Storage.
  • SSD Performance with High I/O.
  • Srong Security with Encrypted Virtual Machines and Data Privacy asssured.
  • No Data Loss.
  • Geographical Backup & Disaster Recovery supported.
  • Linux & Windows platform supported with Full Root Access.