Anti-DDoS Protection
Protect against DDoS Attacks. TheGigabit's GIGADEFENCE Is your Best Anti-DDoS & Web Security Provider with Ultra Fast Detection Time and Protection Upto Layer 7.


GigaDefence Anti-DDoS by TheGigabit
  • Immediate Detection on Attacks Less than 1 minute
  • Precise & Accurate Filter 99.5% of Attacks
  • Lowest Latency. First Tier Bandwidth for Mitigation. 
  • Up to Layer 7 Protection HTTP/HTTPS Flood
  • Upto 500Gbps Protection
  • Asia Route with TheGigabit Own ASIA Scrubbing Centre
Why GigaDefence
Lightning Deployment Within Hours
Mitigate Up to 500Gbps DDoS Attacks
24/7 Proactive Monitoring on DDoS Pattern
Up to Layer 7 Protection (Web Application)
Automatic Detect & Mitigate DDoS Attacks Within Minutes
Constant Update with Threat Intelligent (Sync with World’s DDoS Reports)
Professional One to One Consultancy Provided
24/7 Update on DDoS Trend
MYIX & HKIX Anti-DDoS Capacity
Asia Route
GigaDefence Solutions
  • Fastest Detection & Mitigation
  • No Hardware
  • No Software
  • Cutting-edge Technology
  • Proven Complete Solution
GigaDefence Technical Specification


Thegigabit protects your network from all types of DDoS attacks upto 500Gbps with predictable pricing. Your business is protected with our < 1min Ultra Speed detection system with auto-mated mitigation up to 7 layers filtering 99.9% of DDos Attacks.

How Do GigaDefence Protect You



 Whenever there is DDoS Attack to your server, our GigaDefence Detection system will alerted, verifying whether the attack is real or false positive. If attack is real, traffic will be diverted to TheGigabit's Scrubbing Centers for mitigation.

 TheGigabit Scrubbing Centers (GigaDefence) will clean your traffic upto 99.9%, allowing legitimate traffic to go through. All unclean Traffic will be filtered.

 Cleaned Traffic will be sent to our GRE tunnels.

 The final filtered genuine traffic will be sent back to the customer’s server.